NEXT SPORTS MARKETING represents top athletes.
Our many years of experience and vast network give us direct access to decision-makers in sports, business and communications. All the relevant services are provided by professionals and bundled together for our athletes.

NEXT SPORTS MARKETING provides 360° support for top sportspeople. Our team develops individual solutions from the acquisition of advertising partners, highly professional PR assistance, marketing and legal support to full-service management packages, together with the experts from the NEXT MARKETING group.

Our Work:

Media Markt: Marko as Euro 2016 Ambassador

March 2016

Marko showcases his talent as an actor in 13 humorous TV and radio commercials, entertaining Austria with his authentic, dead-pan humour. The fully integrated campaign was shot by cult actor and up-and-coming director Michael Ostrowski.
The campaign was also accessible on YouTube and Facebook, as well as at POS positions via stands, display advertising and numerous regional shop promotions, in addition to the 13 commercials themselves.

TV-Spot: Voulez Vous Coucher
TV-Spot: Oh Lala
TV-Spot: Bonjour

McDonald’s: Marko dances the samba

Marko brought the FIFA World Cup to Austria with McDonald’s in 2014 – well, at least to the local branches of the fast food chain. Marko was the Number 1 taster for the Samba Classic Burger.

PUMA: It has been “forever faster” for Marko since 2015, following 10 good years under the slogan “just do it”

The partnership deal between Marko and Puma was closed following successful negotiations between NEXT SPORTS MARKETING and the sports shoe manufacturer.
Marko has been the flagship for brand communication for the Austrian national football team since November 2015 and took on a key role as the testimonial during the EURO 2016.

Puma Shooting Home-Trikot
Puma Shooting Away-Trikot
Puma evoSPEED

HartlHaus: “Ecken und Kanten” (Rough Edges) – Marko is a Hartl House

Marko impresses due to his authenticity in the Hartl House image campaign. This advertising offensive, created by the WIRZ advertising agency, could be seen on television and in local print media. The “Making Of” — in which Marko shines thanks to his Viennese humour — went viral.


Our Services:

  • Marketing / Advertising Deals

    Sport stars are turning more and more into brands.
    NEXT SPORTS MARKETING supports professional careers and develops concepts, strategies and campaigns to market top athletes and talent successfully.
    This ranges from general positioning, brand building and logo creation to designing an official homepage and evaluating the fit between a brand and an athlete as its testimonial, resulting in brand cooperation and advertising deals.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Sport stars reach tens of thousands of fans through their social media channels every day. Any business that is toying with the idea of contracting a popular sports testimonial will check that star’s fan base across social media. This is a field in which high communications exposure can be achieved using minimal media budget. NEXT SPORTS MARKETING consults athletes on managing their social media presence efficiently and using it as an important PR tool, as well as advising sponsors on how to use this must-have advertising channel for optimal results.

  • PR

    NEXT SPORTS MARKETING assists professional athletes in optimising their promotion across all types of media and achieve defined communication objectives. Excellent contacts to the classic media sector make it easier to communicate efficiently and effectively and promote images and careers.

  • Legal/Advice

    The legal department and licensed players’ agents at NEXT SPORTS MARKETING provide help to top athletes during intensive contract negotiations with clubs from the Austrian Bundesliga and top international teams, assist in questions relating to labour and media law, examine player and equipment contracts and, last but not least, advertising contracts.

  • Personal Mentoring

    We offer our athletes a structured, professional environment:

    • Personal investment advice and asset management with help from our financial experts
    • Representation for all tax-related issues from our tax advisors
    • Interview coaching with Austria’s leading journalists
  • Individual Training

    NEXT SPORTS MARKETING works with a high-profile team of coaches and sports scientists, providing science-based training for individual and team athletes.

Our Team:

  • Leonhard Pranter, MA
    Managing Partner
  • Christian Schmück
    Managing Partner
  • Mag. Franz Pranter
    Attorney at law
  • Andreas Wurbs
    Strategie & Marketing
  • Otto Hauptmann
    Players Agent
  • Leonhard Pranter, MA

    The sports enthusiast from Vienna graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master’s Degree and came to London, where he began his career in advertising as a Strategic Planner at TBWA / LONDON, cutting his teeth in big sports brands by managing the adidas account. Back in Vienna, he was a customer of different advertising agencies himself, working in marketing for a variety of firms. Leonhard Pranter returned to work as a writer and Creative Director at renowned agencies for a variety of local and international customers. He founded NEXT MARKETING SERVICE in 2009, which triggered the NEXT SPORTS MARKETING spin-off, in which the team around him combines their marketing expertise with many years of know-how in professional sports.

    Christian Schmück

    The trained banker and successful real-estate manager from Bavaria has been living in Vienna since 1995. His distinct love of sports, vast network in sports and business, coupled with his experience in the financial and industrial sectors, were pivotal to him joining the company. He has been a shareholder in NEXT SPORTS MARKETING since 2013 and has brought additional expertise to the management.

    Mag. Franz Pranter

    A lawyer, Mag. Franz Pranter has been working at NEXT SPORTS MARKETING as a legal consultant for football players and clubs since 2012.

    Andreas Wurbs

    After several years as self-employed graphic designer and web developer Andreas Wurbs gathered experience as a startup cofounder and is now extending the NEXT SPORTS MARKETING team.

    Otto Hauptmann

    Caroline Thurn und Taxis

  • Caroline Thurn und Taxis
    Client Service